passive homes

We are very proud to be involved with Canada's first multi-unit freehold strata project built to Passive House standards.



It’s a building standard—a tried-and-true construction concept. The term refers to a rigorous, voluntary standard developed in Europe for energy efficiency in a building, reducing its ecological footprint and requiring little energy for space heating or cooling.

Passive houses are notable for unmatched comfort, amazing air quality, quiet interiors, and affordable utilities.

North Park Passive House, at 860 Queens Avenue in Victoria, was built by Bernhardt Developments, and completed in July, 2015.


Energy efficient, sustainable, and affordable all at the same time, North Park Passive House is fully certified to international standards.  

  • Energy costs are 15-20% of a comparable conventional condo
  • Indoor thermal comfort means no drafts and an indoor temperature that is comfortable and consistent
  • The ventilation system provides unparalleled indoor air quality with a constant supply of clean, fresh air
  • A high quality building envelope combined with silent heating and ventilation ensures interior quiet
  • The simple, high quality building components are durable and sustainable
  • Strata fees are lower compared to comparable conventional units

Contact us for more information on North Park Passive House, as well as upcoming Passive House projects.